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Our purpose built IFRS 9 and BASEL solutions are a true shift in thinking from the traditional batch-orientated processes of yesterday to real-time
processing and decision making
We understand your institution may not be ready for real-time today, however demands for timely results are only ever increasing. Solutions that are built from the ground-up for real-time allow you to stay ahead of the curve and adapt easily as your business data becomes more readily available.
The IFRS 9 Regulation brings tough challenges to Finance & Risk
Forward-looking aspects of IFRS 9 involving increased modelling complexities, macro-economic factors, and new classification approaches are just some of the key challenges of the regulation.
Elysian's solution provides performance, flexibility and robust governance features for a complete solution that goes beyond day-1 compliance.
Basel IV Accelerated with Basel4.NXT
The Elysian’s Basel4.NXT platform is ready to guide you through the adoption of Basel IV;
  • Seeing the capital impact in record times by real time running of standardized and advanced models.
  • Stress testing on the fly of scenarios on cash flow behaviors, credit ratings, macro-economic factors etc.
  • Through a fit for purpose, user centric design.
While maintaining a full audit trail all the way back to the underlying exposures with natively imposed model version control through embedded governance.
Making use of our real time technology, our platform allows you to focus fast on the items that impact you most; your capital, your people, your liquidity and your P & L!
Learn what makes us different
Watch our latest video to discover how Elysian's IFRS 9 solution helps bring users across Finance and Risk into the new world of Regulatory compliance.
We are happy to give you a live demo or perform a proof-of-concept with your data, your requirements. Schedule with us today.
Real-Time Performance
Data-streaming performance levels open a new world of possibilities for regulatory compliance, run simulations & management calculations with ease alongside your standard regulatory calculations
Intuitive Experience
We build for users, you shouldn't have to be a technology expert to run your regulatory processes, our intuitive guided experience with built-in intelligence enables users to focus on their business
Embedded Governance
Robust governance workflows ensure full traceability of your reporting results and management overlays
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