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The .NXT Platform
The .NXT platform is an integrated real-time risk solution that was built from scratch using streaming technology and a microservice-based architecture that is aimed at meeting the ever-changing demands of risk and finance professionals.
The .NXT platform is an integrated real-time risk solution that was built from scratch using streaming technology and a microservice-based architecture
The .NXT platform was designed to process large and complex calculations almost instantaneously, as opposed to legacy platforms which could take hours if not days. The quick implementation and scalability of the solution helps to make it a more cost-effective solution.
In addition to meeting and exceeding current regulatory requirements, our .NXT solution also employs a future-proof technology approach. By using a distributed microservices architecture compared to a traditional central-database design, the solution can quickly exchange large quantities of information in near-real-time. Using cloud technology it can also adapt to a multitude of technology systems and servers.
The .Nxt Product Suite
Basel IV

Basel4.Nxt fully integrates all Basel requirements across all risk types onto a single platform, including full coverage of Credit Risk, Leverage Ratio, Liquidity Risk, Market Risk, IRRBB and Large Exposures. Breaking away from the siloed approach to risk management, Basel4.NXT caters for a full 360 view of the risk position of the bank, using a common data set as well as considering the interdependencies between risk types.Basel4.NXT is also integrated with the IFRS9.NXT to allow for measuring interdependence between the provisions and the capital.Basel4.Nxt features an out-of-the-box centralized supervisory dictionary containing all the regulatory parameters, which is maintained by ElsyianNxt to include any future revisions or regulatory changes.With dwindling boundaries between risk compliance and risk management, Basel.NXT empowers users to create simulations on the fly and run any scenario in a matter of minutes, including the regulatory Pillar 1 calculations, ICAAP and ILAAP scenarios as well as any stress test scenarios.


The IFRS9.NXT solution offers an unparalleled user experience with IFRS 9 required calculations and simulations for millions of contracts being run in minutes. The solution covers the three main requirements of the IFRS 9 standard: Classification, Measurement and the computation of Expected Credit Losses (ECL).Classification of assets is done via a rules-based or questionnaire approach providing clients with an end-to-end audit trail. Measurement includes the computation of Effective interest rates (EIR) and Fair value of financial instruments. The Expected Credit Loss calculation is the main component of the solution with built-in PD/LGD/EAD curve modeling approaches for which users can trigger on the fly calculations/simulations with updated configuration, new macro-economic forecasts and/or stressed contract attributes such as ratings and interest rates.The user-friendly setup makes it easy for the end-user to make configuration changes and see the impact of these through the variance analysis framework.

Stress-testing and Scenario Analysis

Self-inflicted financial collapses, pandemics and even wars can no longer be considered unexpected black swan events. Instead, the business environment is predictably and structurally extremely volatile for the foreseeable future. Traditional views on Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis as too complicated and process-intensive to be conducted regularly make way for a world where they are part of the banks BAU as a matter of necessity.The .Nxt platform uses the latest technologies to drastically reduce processing times, allowing users to run ad-hoc bottom-up scenarios in minutes. Risk users need to run multiple scenarios across multiple risk types as part of their day to day operations. For example, ESG scenario analysis is a multi-dimensional exercise where the banks risk position is a function of a mix of direct and immediate impacts (e.g. physical risks), longer term impacts (e.g. transition risk) as well as indirect impacts of changing customer behaviors. Geopolitical evolutions have become another tragic example of drastically changing realities that require constant rather than periodic monitoring.,

Integrated Risk Management

A risk management platform built on the latest technologies, with the ability to process millions of financial contracts in minutes.The .Nxt Risk Management solution removes the barriers between risk management and regrisk. Giving a full 360 view and integration between all risk types.The solution offers a built-in simulation and stress test framework. The powerful reporting framework allows an enterprise view down to contract details..

Data Management

A full UI-based data management framework offering an easy-to-use and transparent way to manage all data feeds, including data transformations, remediations, etc... .Full data lineage is also supported from source record to final result.The data management framework includes full integration of the data processing operations, through the single point of entry for triggering, monitoring, and reconciling data loads.Flexible portfolio views provide users a 360 view of all data displayed in a fully configurable way.

An Award-Winning Platform
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