EASY BUY Thailand Selected ElysianNxt for IFRS 9


14 Mar 2019

ElysianNxt is excited to announce that EASY BUY Plc. has chosen IFRS9.NXT to become IFRS 9 compliant by mid-2019.

EASY BUY is one of the biggest consumer finance companies in Thailand. Being part of the leading Japanese consumer finance company ACOM, EASY BUY offers two main products in the Thai market which are revolving loans and installment loans. EASY BUY has won many awards for their contribution to society, corporate governance and excellence of business operations. One of the pillars of becoming the number one brand in the personal loans business is using the most advanced financial technology in their operations.

By choosing IFRS9.NXT by ElysianNxt, EASY BUY has selected the most technologically advanced IFRS 9 solution to measure expected credit loss. It enables EASY BUY to perform multiple simulations simultaneously and see the result in real-time.

“We are deeply honored to serve EASY BUY in their strive to become the leader in their industry. From the first meeting, we felt the synergy between both Thai firms and the way we look at technology as a way to improve our daily operations” said Chris Puype, CEO of ElysianNxt.

About EASY BUY Plc.

EASY BUY Public Company Limited (“EASY BUY”) formerly known as Siam A & C Company Limited and converted into a public limited company on April 1, 2005. EASY BUY has performed as a consumer financial company serving consumers throughout Thailand under “Umay+” brand. There are two types of consumer financial products offers by EASY BUY and they are revolving loan and installment loan. EASY BUY aims for the highest customer’s satisfaction, data security, flexible services and provides financial service conveniences to customers. Over 23 years EASY BUY has served more than 2 million customers and currently has over 2,800 employees nationwide.

About ElysianNxt

ElysianNxt is the pioneer in real-time enterprise wide Risk and Finance calculations for the Financial Industry. It enables Financial Firms to respond faster and more cost effective to the global regulatory trends. ElysianNxt headquarters and development center are based in Bangkok. Other branches are in Jakarta and Brussels.

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