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In the recent years a new wave of technology is disrupting the traditional model of batch oriented processes. Tools and architectures developed by social media giants, which enable processing vast amounts of data every day, are being applied in the banking world to transform end-of-day and T+1 processes into near real-time processes. These types of architectures must be built for scale from the ground up, which means traditional systems also start to fall-short in being able to match these types of demands.

This new wave of banking technology is based on the fundamental principles of:

  • Data streaming
  • Targeted scalability
  • Microservices architecture
  • Polyglot architecture
  • Open-source adoption

When compliance is a given and integrated Risk Management
is the end goal

The ease of use combined with the real time speed is adding a different dimension to the world of integrated risk


The End of the Batch Process: How streaming technology will change the world of risk

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