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Integrated Classification, Measurement EIR/Fair Value and Expected Credit Loss

Embedded Simulation

& Stress tests framework

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Lightning Fast

ECL Drivers


Audit Trail

on contract level

Implementation in weeks

The IFRS9.NXT solution offers an unparalleled user experience with IFRS 9 required calculations and simulations for millions of contracts being run in minutes. The solution covers the three main requirements of the IFRS 9 standard: Classification, Measurement and the computation of Expected Credit Losses (ECL).

Classification of assets is done via a rules-based or questionnaire approach providing clients with an end-to-end audit trail. Measurement includes the computation of Effective Interest Rates (EIR) and Fair Value of financial instruments. The Expected Credit Loss calculation is the main component of the solution with built-in PD/LGD/EAD curve modeling approaches for which users can trigger on the fly calculations/simulations with updated configuration, new macro-economic forecasts and/or stressed contract attributes such as ratings and interest rates.

The user-friendly setup makes it easy for the end-user to make configuration changes and see the impact of these through the variance analysis framework.

KBC Replacement Case

Discover how KBC Banking Group transformed its IFRS9 calculations and successfully elevated credit risk management across locations

KBC Banking Group chose ElysianNxt for IFRS 9 replacement


Unlock the power of IFRS9.NXT to reshape and revolutionize your risk management practices.


When I first heard of the ElysianNxt pitch, I thought it sounded too good to be true. To my pleasant surprise, they delivered on all their promises. We couldn’t have found a better partner to empower our users across various locations with the ability to run as many simulations as they desire.

Linda Demunter

General Manager Experts, Reporting and Accounting KBC Group


We continue to innovate and develop our information technology infrastructures to strengthen our business in the midst of developing trends and highly dynamic needs. Together with ElysianNxt, we do a lot of leaps in system renewal to meet the very complex needs.

Rico Usthavia Frans

Director of Technology and Information of Bank Mandiri