How KBC Group Achieved a Successful IFRS9 System Replacement: A Case Study

Sataporn Ungcharoenwong
KBC IFRS9 replacement case study cover

Discover how KBC transformed its IFRS9 calculations

How did KBC come to select ElysianNxt as the solution for replacing their previous IFRS9 system?

Following ECB’s IFRS9 review on KBC, it was noted that their approach to IFRS9 calculations needed to be more flexible to adapt to the multiple changes in risk factors (such as the likes of global pandemics and wars), faster in calculations and simulations, and improved in stage assessments especially with integration of lifetime PD at origination. 

How did ElysianNxt’s IFRS9.NXT win the highly selective vendor vetting process and deliver on the successful results?

From requesting for proposal, demonstrations, proof of concept to project go-live, the ElysianNxt team continuously showcased that the solution not only meets but exceeds KBC’s requirements with our solution presenting qualities including:

    • Flexibility, Intuitiveness, and Fast IFRS9 Platform
    • Workflow Automation, empowered by User Friendly UI and Version Traceability
    • Cost-Effectiveness

The outcome achieved

The KBC and ElysianNxt collaborative journey resulted in a successful IFRS9 system replacement with every goal

Interested in learning more about the details of the IFRS9 replacement outcome? Download the full case study on the top of page and see the journey to success. Let the facts do the talking.

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